[PAUAU] - gather

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"Powwow was an Algonquin term, "pauwau" or "pauau", which referred to a gathering of medicine men and spiritual leaders. "Pauwauing" referred to a religious ceremony, usually one of curing. In the 1800's the European explorers observing these religious gatherings and dances mispronounced the word as powwow."(Jennings, The Invasion of America, p. 241.)

[PAUAU] is a digital gathering of sampled ritual trance music field recordings ripped from vinyl LPs, tapes, and other media of various musical heritages: indigenous, electric, liminal, but all ecstatic, reinterpreted by artist pau pahana via laptop and a homemade monome. Minimal effects are employed so that the fullest vibrations of the original artifact of the event feedback onto themselves to create a meta-ritual in imaginal time-space. Tracks are elongated from the original truncated tracks to recall trance rites. All water is a tribute to the source.

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last update: 05.15.14